Clean Water pumpsThe clean water industry oversees the safe drinking water for everyday use. Governed by the Clean Water Act, this sector is responsible for the treatment of drinking water, removal of contaminants and desalinization.

Most of this industry is operated by local government through their municipal department, municipal company or inter-municipal agency, though some of the work is done by other companies working for the local municipality.  This area includes water engineering, operations, plant construction, equipment supply, and specialty water treatment chemicals that provides water to residences, commercial and industrial sectors.


• Self Priming Solid Handling Pump
• End Suction Centrifugal Pumps
• Submersible Pumps

Weir Slurry

• Slurry Pumps
• Axial Flow Pumps
• Horizontal Slurry Pumps
• High Pressure Pumps

Peerless Pump

• ANSI Pumps
• Split Case Pumps
• Multistage Pumps
• Vertical Turbine Pumps
• Sewage Pumps


• Liquid Metering Pumps
• Pump Controllers
• Tanks/Accessories


• Condensate Pumps
• Grinder Pumps
• Centrifugal, Vertical & Multistage
• Submersible Pumps (Municipal Markets)


• End Suction Centrifugal Pumps
• Engine Mounted Pumps & Packages
• Food Handling Pumps
• Self Priming Pumps
• Solids Handling Pumps
• Vertical Pumps

Crane Pumps & Systems

• Submersible Pumps
• Condensate
• End Suction
• Inline


• Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Flowserve Innomag

• Mag Drive Lined Centrifugal Pumps
• Standard End Suction & ANSI Design Pumps
• Lined Tanks, Pipe & Fittings


• Utility Pumps
• Centrifugal & Rotary Gear Pump
• Gasoline Engine Driven Pumps
• Submersible Pumps


• Slurry Pumps


• Drum, Tote/IBC, Container Chemical Transfer Pump


• Submersible Pumps
• Effluent Pumps
• End Suction Closed-Coupled
• Engineered Basin
• Grinder
• Fountain Pumps


• Slurry Pumps


• Centrifugal Pumps
• Flexible Impeller Pumps
• Gear Pumps
• Progressing Cavity Pumps


• Submersible Pumps
• Cantilever Pumps

Advanced Sealing International

• Engineered Cartridge Seals
• Single, Double, or Special Application Seals