Weir Minerals logoWeir Minerals is a global company headquartered in Scotland that is a producer of slurry handling equipment. Weir pumps are used in the petroleum industry, flow control market, and power industries. Their long history of innovation and sustainability make Weir a global leader. Brands include Hazleton, Ash, Galigher, Cavex, & Linatex


Weir Minerals Hazleton SSB Pump

SSB Pump

A run dry heavy duty submersible slurry pump for abrasive and corrosives. Used for sand, mine dewatering, and coal pile runoff applications

Sizes 2″ thru 20″
Max Head 300′
Max Temperature 104°F
Max Capacity 10,000GPM


Hazleton specialty slurry pumps brochure Detroit Pump pdf
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Weir Minerals Hazleton CTC Pump

CTC Pump

Designed for heavy duty slurry and high head applications

Sizes 3″ thru 20″
Max Head 450′ per stage
Max Temperature 350°F
Max Capacity 24,000GPM


Weir Centrifugal Slurry Pumps Detroit Pump pdf
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Weir Minerals Warman AH M Pumps


Heavy duty slurry pumps for a range of mill duties, including dirty water to flushed crusher services.

Sizes 1″ thru 18″
Max Head 240′
Max Temperature 1-100°C
Max Capacity 22,000GPM
Weir Minerals Warman AH SHW Pumps


Heavy duty all chrome wet end coupled with a submersible motor.

Sizes 2″ thru 16″
Max Head 400′
Max Temperature 104°F
Max Capacity 10,000GPM


Weir Minerals Linatex Rubber Sheets

Rubber Sheets

95% natural rubber that is resistant to cutting, tearing, and abrasion. Used as pipe lining, chute lining, tank lining, or hoses

Sizes 9.25 x 1.23m
Temperature range -40°C – 70°C

Weir-Minerals-Linatex-Rubber Products.pdf

Weir Minerals Linatex Rubber Products Detroit Pump pdf
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Weir Minerals Linatex Target Backing

Target Backing

Safeguards shooters from dangers of richochets. Applications include livefire houses, urban assault courses, or target covers.


Weir Minerals Cavex CVX Pumps


Hydrocyclones designed to proven exceptional performance along with strength and corrosion resistance.

Sizes 40mm – 1200mm
Temperature range 0 – 80°C


Weir Minerals Cavex Hydrocyclones Detroit Pump pdf
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Detroit Pump Brochure and Case Study Page

You can download Detroit Pump’s Main Manufacturers Brochures and Detroit Pump’s Linecard, Credit Application, Tax Exempt Form, and Case Studies Here


Weir is one of the world’s leading engineering businesses providing innovative solutions in mining, oil and gas and power.