LMI Pumps manufactures controlled volume metering pumps and equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. With strategically located manufacturing sites and an extensive stocking distribution network, LMI can support your application wherever you are.

Chemical Metering Pumps

PD Series

Available in two styles, manual and enhanced. Manual model has straight forward controls, no need for calculations. The Enhance model offers external control and large graphical display.

Output Rang GPH
Pressure Range 50-450PSI
Max Stroke 160SPM
Installation Indoor / Outdoor
Supply voltage 115-203V / 50-60Hz

LMI-PD Series-chemical-metering-pump-brochure.pdf

LMI PD Series chemical metering pump brochure Detroit Pump pdf


Mechanically actuated diaphragm pump driven by variable speed technology to provide accurate and reliable performance

Flow Rates 0.006 – 18 GPH
Steady State Accuracy +/- 1% over 1000:1 turndown ratio


LMI Excel XR chemical metering pump brochure Detroit Pump pdf

Excel AD

Designed for commercial and industrial applications. Easy to read LCD user interface, comes with FASTPRIME³ liquid ends

Max Capacity Output Codes 250psi
1- 0.21GPH 250psi
4 – 0.5GPH 250psi
5 – 1.0GPH 110psi
6 – 2.0GPH 50psi


LMI Excel AD Pump brochure Detroit Pump

Series C

A reliable choice for consistent performance. Rugged, enclosed chemical resistance housing makes this ideal for harsh environments.

Max Capacity Output Codes
CX0 – 1.3 GPH 300psi
CX1 – 2.5 GPH 150psi
CX2 – 4.0 GPH 100psi
CX3 – 8.0 GPH 60psi
CX4 – 20 GPH 25psi
C76 – 4.0 GPH 175psi
C77 – 10.0 GPH 80psi
C78 – 25 GPH 30psi


Electronic Metering Pumps LMI Series C brochure Detroit Pump

Series G

Motor driven in two styles, SD and SG. Aluminum construction engineered to handle higher output and higher pressures in harsh environments.

Max Capacity Output Codes
SD2 – 0.7 GPH 175psi
SD4 – 12 GPH 150psi
SD7 – 50 GPH 100psi
SD8 – 115 GPH 75psi
SG5 – 106 GPH 150psi
SG6 – 147 GPH 100psi
SG7 – 300 GPH 50psi


LMI SG Series mechanical metering pump brochure Detroit Pump pdf


Explosion proof, chemical metering pump for additional safety

Max Capacity Output Codes
E70 – 1.3 GPH 300psi
E71 – 2.5 GPH 150psi
E72 – 4.0 GPH 100psi
E73 – 8.0 GPH 60psi
E74 – 20 GPH 25psi

LMI-Series E-metering-pump-brochure-pdf

LMI Series E metering pump brochure pdf Detroit Pump


Industry standard over 20 years, rugged, reliable choice for the harshest environments.

Max Capacity Output Codes
BX1- 1.6GPH 150psi
BX2 – 2.5GPH 100psi
BX3 – 4.5GPH 50psi
BX4 – 7.0GPH 30psi


LMI Series B Electronic Metering Pumps brochure Detroit Pump

Conductivity Controllers


Microprocessor based control system that will operate in a variety of water treatment

Feed Limit 1-999 minutes
Percentage of Time 1-100 minute cycle 1-100% on-time
Percentage of Control 1-100% of previous bleed cycle, 1-999 minute limit
External Trigger (Pulse) 1-999 seconds on-time, 1-100 counter


LMI DC4000 Conductivity Controller brochure Detroit Pump pdf


Dual channel pH controller providing either relay or proportional pulse outputs to drive chemical metering pumps.

pH Scale 0-14pH Units, 0.01 revolutions
Limit Timers Adjustable 0-11 hours
Differential (hysteresis) Keypad adjustable


LMI DP5000 pH Controller brochure Detroit Pump pdf

LMI Case Studies

Detroit Pump Brochure and Case Study Page

You can download Detroit Pump’s Main Manufacturers Brochures and Detroit Pump’s Linecard, Credit Application, Tax Exempt Form, and Case Studies Here


Recognized for excellence by water treatment professionals around the world LMI manufactures an extensive line of Chemical Metering Pumps, pH/ORP Controllers and related accessories for water and wastewater treatment industries.  Electronic and motor-driven pumps are available for flow proportional applications and optional liquid handling configurations to handle slurries and high viscosity chemicals.  All products are in stock for immediate delivery by our distributor network.